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Interview with Dr. Rabi Aido founder and CEO of Rinyo

1) I would like to thank Melta for giving us the opportunity to tell more about our organization. My name is Dr Rabi 3edo, I am the founder and CEO of Rinyo, I was born in Chicago. At age 10 years I moved with my parents back to the home land and lived in Kamishli Syria (where my parents were born) for eight years. My grandparents are originally from Miden, Midyat and Qalat Mara (a village outside Mardin). I moved back to the USA and studied Medicine. I did my residency in Family Medicine and work now with a large hospital system in Chicago. I’m very Involved in church and love inter denominational talks of unity, I am a sub-deacon in the Syriac Orthodox Church.

2) Rinyo was founded in Chicago in 2011-2012.I dont know if I understood this questions correctly,
3) Rinyo is a mix of amazing talent. We have board members, graphic designers, managers, organizations and representatives, partners and sponsors.

4) I always believed that if I wanted people to take the organization serious that I needed to a major sponsor for it first. The first couple years I was the sole supporter of funds. Three years later, Rinyo was able to convince about 18 organizations, businesses and individuals to join the team of sponsors. We have received large amounts of support from around the world. We receive moral and monetary support from different countries. We receive support from inside and outside our community. The support comes from different Churches, organizations, businesses and individuals. The love has been overwhelming.

5) a) the wide spread of our people across different continents and countries. This has been a curse and a blessing. Its interesting to see how we form sub cultures with the influence of the surrounding communities but at the same time we still cling on to our love of our culture.
b) No standardization of the different dialects. This is has been a challenge. Both Eastern and Western dialects of our language are both rich in their sub-dialects. We have met many scholars and teachings around the world and dialogue is making the situation easier.
c) Communications and networks to connect everyone is not there. The TV channels we have are doing an amazing job. The churches are doing their role, but we have noticed that there is a major lack of methodology of mass communication. Working with different organization we hope this is something we can solve.

6) Bringing dreams to life is something important. Rinyo is not the first to think or dream of doing something for its people. There was always people interested in making shows, videos, apps and books for our people. We had people in the late 20th century that made attempts at cartoons in our language but never received the support they needed. Showing people that we are able to produce and continue to produce and spread across the globe has been rewarding. Visit RINYOTOONS on YouTube for more.

Bridging the gap between the Eastern and Western dialects has been an interesting journey and something we take pride in. We has seen children sing our songs in both dialects. We have seen adults learn both dialects and this is something we are proud of.

Helping our people is more than just making products. We have been involved in many events around the world. We have supported and help fund events in the USA, Canada, and Australia. We have been part of camps, conventions, conferences, international meetings, camps, Sunday schools, movies, concerts, galas and festivals. We believe being part of the community is very important.

7) Our views on Youtube through our free Rinyotoons channel continues to slowly increase. We have views in the thousands on a daily basis. The majority of our views are from Germany and Sweden but with healthy growth in the USA and Australia. We look forward to strengthening our main Youtube channel Rinyo this year.

8) We believe the International Mother tongue day is very important. It is something that our people cherish and we hope to see more and more events around the world.

9) Our language is in extreme danger of extinction. There are statistics on the United Nations website of the different sub-dialects and how near death each is. This is a fact that most of us do not want to admit to or believe. We like to live in an illusion of we are speaking it and some kids around us speak so it seems to be fine. Time is running out and quickly. The only way to save it is through love and cooperation while leaving our own personal egos to the side.

10) This is something we are working on. Rinyo is working on connecting scholars around the world and combine efforts to create teaching methods that would benefit thousands of our people in a simple loving non judgmental fashion. More news God willing later this year.

11) This is something currently happening in the major two dialects. Instead of recreating this effort, Rinyo is working with these different entities in Europe, USA and Australia to continue to work for the benefit of our people.

12) Its a message of love and reaching out for a chance of cooperation. We ask them to continue to dream. We ask them to then take charge and bring these dreams to life. We want them to know that Rinyo, its resources and teams are ready to back and support them.

a) Strengthening relationships with organizations and businesses worldwide.
b) continue to strengthen our Rinyotoons channel on Youtube with new and educational programs.
c) We will be expanding our merchandise designs and products, which can be mostly found on eBay.
d) We will bring to light the new book, Mesopotamian cooking a taste of Turabdin, its currently on sale on eBay.
e) keeping our minds open to new opportunities and partnerships that can broaden our horizons. new ideas that make us stronger to better help our people and language.

14) we are very excited for this year. We had a great start by sponsoring the ACECA Sydney camp. We look forward to bringing more smiles to more and more people globally. We are eager and thirsty to work our people in more and more ways. We ask people to continue to pray for us, our nation and language. I would love to hear from people, my email is Robby.Edo@Rinyo.org

Thank you/Tawdi,
Robby Edo

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